Scottish trade unions demand release of Catalan political prisoners

 STUC president Satnam Ner shows his support for democracy in Catalonia

STUC president Satnam Ner shows his support for democracy in Catalonia

The Scottish Trades Union Congress yesterday added its weight behind the call to defend human rights in Catalonia. A unanimous vote at the annual congress of the labour movement in Scotland urged action against the Spanish state's “repressive measures” in Catalonia.

It said that “threats to democracy in other European cities need to be resisted, or these measures can become quickly normalised as a means of silencing dissent elsewhere”. The resolution argued that Spain is “in breach of its international obligations in respect of prisoners of conscience”.

The STUC called for “the immediate release and acquittal of all political prisoners” and pledged to “use any and all political influence in Holyrood and Westminster to achieve this goal”.

It also agreed to strengthen practical solidarity and to “counter any future attempts to repress the democratic will of the Catalan people”.

Catalan Defence Committee Scotland, welcomed the news.

It said, “The STUC has shown the kind of leadership people in Catalonia need. Some 300 trade unionists are being prosecuted for having participated in actions in support of democracy in Catalonia. Two rappers face up to five years in jail for lyrics critical of Spain's king.

“But these are only two examples in a wave of repression. We look forward to working with trade unions in Scotland to build international solidarity to defend human rights in Catalonia.”

Jonathon Shafi