Defend Democracy

" The behaviour of the Spanish state is an outrage to all democrats across Europe. The peaceful and courageous action of millions of Catalans has been an inspiration. But this movement requires international support...


The brutality and repression that has been visited upon the people of Catalonia cannot be allowed to continue, or to be legitimised. Hundreds of Scots have travelled to Catalonia to act as international observers, and to let the Spanish state know that the world is watching. At home, we have organised several demonstrations. News and pictures of these have circulated on Catalan social media, and we know that this has made a positive impact. 

But we need to do more. Catalan human rights organisations and social movements have called for international support. That is why we are organising the Catalan Defence Committee Scotland, to help maximise our solidarity efforts. The name mirrors the local referendum defence committees set up by Catalans to defend the referendum process by practising non-violent mass action.

We believe:
• That the Catalan people have the right to self-determination.
• That the Catalan people are to be congratulated for the popular mobilisation, including protests, strike action, and occupations, that they have undertaken. 
• That the deep repressive reflexes of the Spanish state are in part a reflection of its Francoist heritage.

We will:
• Call for solidarity demonstrations and actions
• Build diplomatic pressure on the UK government
• Organise motions and letters of support that can be passed through trade union branches, campaigns, political parties and so on.
• Work to twin Scottish towns and cities with Catalonia
• Lobby MSPs and the Scottish Government to do all it can to support the civil rights of Catalans
• Build links with social movements and organisations in Catalonia
• Organise a tour of public meetings across Scotland to raise support and awareness
• Facilitate open organising meetings to develop local defense committees/solidarity actions

Initial signatories...add your name today:

Bob Thompson
Former Chairperson Scottish Labour
Aamer Anwar
Glasgow University Rector
Alan Bissett
Lesley Riddoch
Writer and Broadcaster
Stuart Fairweather
Chair Dundee Trades Council
George Kerevan
Former SNP MP
Deborah Keyembe
Human Rights Lawyer
Maggie Chapman
Co-convener Scottish Green Party
Sean Baillie
RISE National Organiser
Cat Boyd
Columnist for The National
Jonathon Shafi 
Co-Founder Radical Independence Campaign

Jim Bollan
Community Party Councillor
Luke Stobart
Guardian writer and researcher on Catalan politics
Suki Sangha
Vice Chair Unite the Union BAEM Scotland Committee (pc)
Mike Small
Editor Bella Caledonia
Aina Tella
CUP International Relations
Sean Paul O’Connor
President Dundee Students Union
Tam Wilson 
President Abertay Students Union

Chris Stephens
Aida Vallespi
Catalan student at Glasgow University
Kevin McVey
SSP International Secretary
Connor Beaton
SSP National Secretary
Stephen Smellie
Deputy Convenor Unison Scotland (pc)
Sarah Glynn
Scottish Unemployed Workers Network
Jim Cloughy
Upper Clyde Shipyard work-in veteran
Dr Eurig Scandrett
University College Union (pc)
Richard Whyte
Unite Regional Officer (pc)
Sean McLaughlin
Chair Unite Youth Committee (pc)
Cathy Miligan
Castlemilk Against Austerity
Stuart Graham
Convenor Glasgow Unison Social Work (pc)
Gordon Martin
RMT Scottish Organiser (pc)
Democratic Left Scotland
Radical Independence Campaign